Self Pity or Reaching Out to Others

Here’s another encouraging post from our brother-in-law, Pat.

“Had another quiet, peaceful time with Jesus this morning on radiation table. Before I got on the table I was having one of those self pity moments. You know, why me Lord, why can’t I have just a normal day, no treatments, no pain, feel good, enjoy the sunshine, etc. While on the table He reminded me in His still quiet way that He loves me and cares for me every minute of every day. Lord, thank you for that and forgive me for those moments of selfishness. He is great and greatly to be praised!!

“…After my treatment this morning I had about hour to sit until my next treatment, so I sat in the waiting room. Soon a man came in and sat at the table with me, looked at me and said, ‘do I know you?’ I did not know him, so I told him my name was Pat and with tears in his eyes he told me his name was Jim. He wiped his tears and began to tell me his wife was there for treatment for breast cancer. He said they have been married 54 years and he could not imagine life without his life mate. He told me through his tears that he had no one to talk to about this and just needed to talk. We sat and talked for almost 45 minutes (it would have been 15 minutes except they were having trouble with the radiation machine). God is so faithful! I was able to share some of my story and faith with him as mostly I just sat and listened to him as he shared much of his life and feelings with me. Before he left, he was so excited to have someone listen to him, he gave me the name and location of the place he works part time and asked if I would please stop by and see him so we could talk more!!

“God is so good!! In just over an hour He showed me how much He loves me and that it is not about me, but about what He wants from me!! Obedience!! To Him be all glory and honor!!”

Read Loving Cancer Patients by Pat Hale

6 thoughts on “Self Pity or Reaching Out to Others

  1. My brother, Duane, was at moffet yesterday for follow-up reports on tests. He was treated for non-hodgins lymphoma 7 years ago. Since that treatment, he is also now undergoing dialysis as complications of diabetes. He is so greatful to, God, for healing and gives Him all the glory. His pastor calls, Duane, his poster child. Upon seeing his Dr. yesterday, she was sharing how, my brother was able to help her thru her grief of losing her husband to a motorcycle accident a few years back even in the midst of his treatment. Praise, God, from whom all blessings flow. My brother was told he is still cancer free, but has been refered to a pulmomnary specialist to check what appears to some kind of pnemonia in his right lung. He is a blessing wherever he goes.


    1. Diana,

      It’s good to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your story. So glad to hear Duane is cancer-free! It’s uplifting to hear that he’s a blessing even in the midst of his health issues.


  2. I needed this today, and I do not have cancer! I have… don’t know yet. Double vision began 2 months ago, and no Dr. has a ‘diagnosis’ for it. It has changed everything about how I live, move about, my energy level, reading ability, making commitments. Not knowing keeps me wondering about tomorrow and the next day. I know I should always trust that God is on my side. You have encouraged me today. Thank you.


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