Cru Students Follow Paul’s Example

Cru Students Follow Paul’s Example

Andrew excels as a leader of Cru on campus. Faithful students like Andrew take charge of Cru’s weekly meeting at Boston’s Bentley University. They oversee the music, creative fun, and in leading other students in studying the Bible. So why is Andrew stepping aside from leading during his final semester?

With graduation approaching, Andrew is passing along his leadership role. He’s tutoring younger students to grow in their faith and influence. Andrew follows Paul’s example as he charged young Timothy: “And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” 2 Timothy 2:2

Cru at Bentley also offers students other opportunities to gather weekly and grow in smaller groups. These small groups (usually three to five students and a facilitator) help students to connect and to cheer each other on as they learn to walk with Christ on campus.

One small group leader, Artis, recently taught his fellow students from John 1, noting: “It is Jesus’ disciples who go out to find the next disciples. Andrew found Peter, Phillip found Nathaniel … we invite others to come and see the Jesus we follow.”

May God strengthen and equip these young believers to share their faith with others. Thank God for students, like Andrew and Artis, who are training new Christian leaders on campus. God is working in the hearts of our country’s next leaders as He draws them to Himself.

We are praying with you for America’s students.

Prayers for Cru’s Ministries

  • It’s time for Spring Break. Many Cru students volunteer on mission trips over their spring break. (Cru has canceled these events.) Due to the coronavirus, some universities are encouraging students to stay on campus instead. The University of Washington and others are switching to all online classes and testing until the end of the winter quarter. Thank you for praying for Cru staff and students to be able to continue in ministry.
  • Our missionary staff throughout Cru are sharing ideas with each other on how to reach out to people online and through other means. Thank you for trusting God for the opportunities Christians will have to share Jesus with people while we go through the coronavirus pandemic.

One thought on “Cru Students Follow Paul’s Example

  1. I prefer paper copies of newsletters. However , at this time when you are out of your offices, just send me email versions.

    Mike can you do most of your work at home? no more tapes to hang on servers.

    We are doing well here, but I miss being able to do water exercise.

    IN Christ,

    John Priebe


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