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    Thank You for Partnering with Us in the Great Commission

    This two-minute video gives you a glimpse into how God is moving in an extraordinary way.

  • Rollins class 2014 590x300

    Back to School for Mike and Sus

    These classes will definitely help us in our teaching ministries of leading small groups and blogging. If you would like to learn more from our summer classes, we’ll post our papers and also recommended resources on MikeandSus.org.

  • Gettysburg Statue 2006

    If Properly Led Leadership Conferences at Gettysburg

    This conference is organized by Lt. Col. Jay Lorenzen, U.S.A.F., (Retired) who teaches leadership principles he’s gleaned from the Battle of Gettysburg.

  • Amsterdam Viktors 590x300

    The Digital Strategies Conference in Amsterdam

    Mike and I attended a digital strategies conference in Amsterdam in May 2014.

  • Amsterdam us 590x300

    Our Photos and Videos from the Netherlands

    This post is about our photos and videos from the Netherlands.

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What does Jesus long to see when He returns? His followers planning the next big evangelistic opportunity? Not necessarily. He wonders out loud if He will find His children seeking Him in faith-filled, persistent prayer.

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