Feeding A’s Missionary Soul

Even missionaries do it. I did it last Monday.

We don’t take advantage of opportunities to talk about Jesus.

I have long said that Delta’s seat assignment system would be God’s appointment system for me. So last Monday, why didn’t I take more initiative to talk with the man from New Zealand about Christ? Flying to Dallas, he was talkative. We talked about the economy (he is deeply concerned). We talked about political instability in Nigeria (he has done business there).

But we didn’t talk about Jesus. And I didn’t even get his name. I was not very friendly or engaged!

After the flight, I talked with God about it. Continue reading “Feeding A’s Missionary Soul”

Guest Authors on MikeandSus.org

I know you’ve enjoyed the guest posts here on MikeandSus.org from a number of Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) staff.  For several years now, in my role as Technology Ministry Developer for Women’s Resources at CCC, I’ve met and worked with hundreds of our bloggers.

Last month, I encouraged them to “guest-post” on each other’s blogs. Continue reading “Guest Authors on MikeandSus.org”

Do We Miss out on Freedom? (Guest Post)

Mary Henderson

The Truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.” – Patsy Clairmont

I hear you, Patsy! I’ve experienced this when:

  • Someone has confronted me about one of my weaknesses. Ouch!
  • I’ve stepped on the scale and realized that BIG changes need to happen. Yikes. I’ve realized I need to exercise more or make nutritional changes. Ugh.
  • I need to stop being conflict-avoidant in my marriage. Ooooooo
  • My addiction becomes intolerable: for me it’s been sugar. Bummer!
  • I fought accepting that sin separated me from God. Eternal pain!

What about you? Is there a truth you want to avoid, but accepting and working through the agony will ultimately set you free? Continue reading “Do We Miss out on Freedom? (Guest Post)”

Christmas and Tragedies

Thank you to Taryn who posted a  comforting perspective of the Newtown, Connecticut, shooting and how that impacts us while celebrating Christmas. This excerpt is from her blog, Waiting on God:

Our world is dark with mourning. Our tears won’t stop. Parents and non-parents have ruptured hearts. Americans’ and non-Americans’ spirits are heavy. All of us grieve. The heart of the Great I Am grieves more than any of us.

The heart of the One who created those precious lives lost in Connecticut and loved them with an unfathomable love. Continue reading “Christmas and Tragedies”