Red Sox

When I learned my cousin was deployed to Baghdad, I placed an order for some sports DVDs from Athletes in Action, Campus Crusade for Christ’s sports ministry.

I told some friends who love baseball about the DVDs and sent them the baseball one, Reversing the Curse, with stories from the Red Sox during their comeback in the 2004 season when they won the World Series.

A week later, our friends, John and Karen, wrote us:

“The DVD arrived today and we just finished watching it. It was GREAT! Thanks soooo much.

“At the end, [the DVD] told us how to order more. We actually ordered 25! We want to share this with every ‘baseball nut’ we know! Thanks. Your kind gesture may take the Gospel to many.

“Also, our daughter’s fiancé is on a ship in the Gulf of Bahrain/Persian Gulf and is a Red Sox fan. He is saved but I know many around him are not. I want to send him a copy to share with his ‘mates’.”

I was so excited that sending one DVD to a friend multiplied to twenty-five more DVDs sent which will possibly be viewed multiple times as well!

PS: Read my story about sending these DVDs to my cousin Kevin in the previous Sower blog article. You can also find more tips for reaching the sports fans in your life at The Sower companion blog: The Sower: Tools and Tips.

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