Sharing Christ at Big Events

I was impressed that a local community of believers posts a schedule of art, music, and sports events so they can go mingle with, and witness to, individuals attending. They said it best, so I will just quote from their website:

“Every week we are in the mix, sharing the Gospel with people. There are many types of events that are wide open for anyone to attend. As Christians we have a flaming message of love that the world needs to hear, and we should capitalize on any opportunity we are given to share it.

“… We are using all types of creative evangelistic tools to share the truths of the gospel at art festivals, concerts, film festivals, poetry readings, open mic events, parties, and anywhere else this generation gathers for creative activities. In the form of street teams as well as active participants in the event, we are bringing the presence of God to a creative gathering that would otherwise be void of any real spiritual activity.”

Christ is with you wherever you go, so if you enjoy concerts, festivals, and other large gatherings, you might want to check out this web page. If you don’t live in Central Florida, you could certainly pray and ask God to give you opportunities to share your faith when you attend your next big event. Or, maybe you and your friends could find others who want to be more purposeful in reaching people when and where they gather as Evoke Ministries is doing.

What do you think?

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