Share a Video and Share Your Faith

New Evangelistic Video

Cru released a video on Tuesday that has had over 70,000 views in two days.  This video, #Falling Plates, is a fantastic visual presentation of God’s love for us.

You can help the video to “go viral.” First, watch it to see what you think.

You Can Help

Now that you’ve seen the video, I know you want to help share it, using links in eMail, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Please include this link and hashtag at the end of every comment you use: #FallingPlates. This will help the video “go viral”. (I had a little trouble adding the video to Pinterest, but you can find it here to re-pin or “like”.)

A Conversation

Here’s one conversation that happened online after “Guitarman Dan” watched the video.

Guitarman Dan: Why do you guys buy this story?

Tina: Look around you.. this whole Earth is full of wonder and beauty.. there is no way it is the way it is by chance. Each cell working in your body, every person in this world…there has to be a creator for it all.

Guitarman Dan: Thanks for responding, I can see the possibility for this world being a creation but then the reasoning I use to come to that conclusion beckons the question who created the creator who could make such a masterpiece and if the answer is the creator always was… i’m back to square one.

Please be praying for the success of this video.  Thank you, too, for sharing #FallingPlates as soon as possible… spend 15 minutes right now and share this video with your friends.  Your friends will share with their friends so that you can reach tens of thousands, even millions of people, with the Gospel in just a few minutes. They’ll be eternally grateful!

  • Visit #FallingPlates‘ website where visitors make further discoveries in their spiritual journey.
  • Follow #FallingPlates on Twitter: @FallingPlates
  • Adding additional languages is extremely easy on YouTube using closed captions. (I’m actually referring a few friends to one of our Cru staff guys to help him translate the video into other languages.)

What do you think?

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