Our “Tour” of Cru’s International Headquarters

Join us on a “tour” of Campus Crusade for Christ’s International headquarters.  God has blessed us with beautiful buildings and grounds as well as wonderful people to minister with. We hope these photos will encourage you to consider visiting if you make a trip to Orlando sometime.

The best way for us to show you Lake Hart is to send you over to a captioned slideshow. We have photos of the grounds; the JESUS Film Tour; the prayer rooms; the memorial wall and garden honoring Dr. Bright; and more. Continue reading “Our “Tour” of Cru’s International Headquarters”

Birding at Circle B Bar Reserve

I recently discovered Circle B Bar Reserve  near Lakeland, Florida, a fantastic birding spot! We were only there for a little over two hours (and didn’t even walk a mile into the reserve… all the birds were about a quarter mile from the nature center). Even at noon the birds were active and out in the open.

We saw Continue reading “Birding at Circle B Bar Reserve”

Fall Migration: Mead Botanical Gardens

Veery by Sheila

I discovered that Mead Botanical Gardens, not far from Rollins College in Winter Park, is a hot spot for fall migrators, especially warblers. I had a great morning about two weeks ago with neighbor and friend, Sheila. We joined an Audobon Society guided walk and saw lots of birds (the last walk they’ll offer for the fall migration is on October 27th). Continue reading “Fall Migration: Mead Botanical Gardens”