Give Jesus to Your International Neighbors

The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children, an adaptation of the JESUS Film, is available through December 31, 2013, at fifty cents a piece (specifically, 200 for $100)! This movie shares the life of Jesus through the fictional “eyewitness” of one family and a group of children. The film is effective in reaching all age groups and cultures with their need for a relationship with Christ.

This DVD includes twenty-four language versions of the movie [Read more…] Continue reading Give Jesus to Your International Neighbors

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Around the World in 80 Hours… Well, Not Quite

I just traveled around the world in 80 hours, well actually three days, but 80 hours is 3.33333 days and it made for a catchy post title I thought.

I left early Tuesday morning for a ministry conference near Toronto, Ontario. Let’s see who I met that helped me travel the world. I often had something I could share about knowing Jesus. Continue reading Around the World in 80 Hours… Well, Not Quite

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Remembering Black Hawk Down

October 3rd marked the 20th anniversary of the battle in Mogadishu, Somalia, which is chronicled in the best-selling book and movie, Black Hawk Down. U.S. Army Best Ranger Jeff Struecker survived the intense combat, returning last March to film a documentary. He had turned down many film offers, until this one, working with Cru staff member and video producer, Mary Beth Minnis. Continue reading “Remembering Black Hawk Down”

Destroying Speculations

The Sower by Vincent Van Gogh

“Sorry,” Raquel apologized for her rumbling tummy. “I didn’t eat breakfast.”

“You know better,” I teased.

Raquel, a nurse, was screening me before I could donate blood.

“My daughter dawdles in the morning so I can’t get her ready and have time for breakfast, too,” she explained.

We chatted some more and then I gave her a “Good News” comic book for her daughter, knowing people always appreciate if we show interest in them or their children. I also gave her “Would You Like To Know God Personally” later, thinking our conversation was ending. Continue reading “Destroying Speculations”