The New JESUS Film Celebrates 35 Years of Ministry

JESUS film remastered 950

Happy 35th anniversary to the JESUS Film!

The JESUS Film HD version was released yesterday in celebration of their 35th anniversary. The DVD, now also in Blu-Ray, has a new original soundtrack and was remastered for high definition.

The JESUS Film has been shown in more than 200 countries and translated into 1,190 languages. Billions have watched this movie with 200 million people indicating decisions for Christ. The film has been shown on dusty savannahs, in steamy rain forests, and elegant theaters around the world.

See the JESUS Film in Your Local Theater

Visit the special anniversary site to find out where to buy the new DVD in retail stores and how to host a theater showing at no cost to you. In fact, some friends of ours are hosting a theater showing in Indianapolis on April 17th if they get enough advance ticket sales. Find out if a show is in your town here or how to bring the movie to your favorite theater here. Please pray for all hosted theater showings to have enough people for the theater bookings to go through and that people would respond to Christ.


  • The script from the film is taken from the gospel of Luke.
  • You can watch the film online in many languages here.

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