Bill Bright “Comes Home”

Last month, Dr. Bill Bright was re-interred in a special garden on the grounds of Campus Crusade for Christ headquarters.

Bright Memorial Gardens was presented to the staff during a memorial service on August 21st. Dr. Bright’s long-time friend and associate, Bailey Marks, explained that, on several occasions, Dr. Bright expressed how he wished to be buried. He desired to be laid to rest tastefully and close to the staff he loved so dearly; however, due to logistical issues, he was buried in an Orlando cemetary after he went to be with the Lord in 2003.

God continued to lay those conversations on Bailey’s heart and mind. Continue reading “Bill Bright “Comes Home””

The Lived Out Gospel by Judy Douglass

The young woman who would be my seatmate on a flight from Ghana had a very heavy carry-on bag. The overhead bin seemed full, but the coat of the man in front of us was taking up half of it. He told her that her bag was too big and that was his space. He was rude. She was bewildered. I spoke up, reminding him calmly but firmly that the bin was shared space and his coat could go on top of the suitcase. He grumbled as he lifted his coat out. I helped her lift her bag. Later the … Continue reading The Lived Out Gospel by Judy Douglass

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Campus Crusade Prayer Opportunities

Prayer has been an important part of ministry throughout the history of Campus Crusade for Christ. WORLDWIDE DAY OF PRAYER Our staff devotes a day to prayer in April and in October. We are spending today at our April Day of Prayer. If you would like to pray with us, go to the Global Prayer Movement. You will see the Worldwide Day of Prayer Lists. These are the same prayer requests all the staff around the world are using when we meet for prayer. Just click on the continent or area of interest and you will see a list of … Continue reading Campus Crusade Prayer Opportunities

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