God Can Use Crabs, Too!

“Look!” Andi stopped walking and stared down at the beach. “A crab!”

A half-dollar-sized crab stood motionless at our feet.

The waves nearby gnawed angrily at the shore, so only a few people were out on the beach. The only kids I saw on our walk were just fifty feet away.

“Watch him!” I ordered as I jogged over to the group. “Come and see a crab,” I called.

Soon, Andi and I were surrounded by big and little kids squealing and running away as they tried to get close to see the crab.

I asked for a bucket from one of the kids. The crab was not afraid of this big blue plastic cube as I tried to catch him. He fought back and grabbed the rim. I lifted the bucket up, the crab dangling from the edge. I managed to catch him and handed the bucket to one of the little boys.

By then, two moms had joined us.

“We said we would see crabs today,” remarked one of the moms.

I gave them a “Would You Like to Know God Personally” tract, and wrote my e-mail address on the back, offering to answer any questions. We continued our walk on the beach.

Later, I wondered if I should have left right away. We definitely had time to stay for more conversation, and even to read through the tract with them if the two mothers had been interested and if their children did not distract them.

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