André Kole


You may remember that two years ago, our church hosted a performance of Andre Kolé. He returned for two nights on the second and third of March. Several of our neighbors went two years ago and three indicated decisions for Christ.

André, a long-time staff member of Campus Crusade, has performed for millions of people in 79 countries. Over the decades, thousands have indicated decisions for Christ through André Kole’s illusions and the Gospel message he includes in his show.

We invited neighbors again and Jenny bravely stood up in five classes to present the opportunity for her friends to go.

Our church was thrilled with the responses! 129 people indicated they received Christ, including one of Jenny’s friends from school. Mike and Sus will also be helping to follow-up people who show an interest in knowing Christ. Please pray for us to be able to reach these people by phone or e-mail so we can help them grow in their faith.

If your church would be interested in an André Kole show, you can contact him at

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