Reaching East and West in One Day

“Beinvenue aux Etats-Unis,” I smiled.

Someone treated us to a night at EPCOT for dinner for our anniversary last year. Our waiter that night was Oliver from Paris. Unfortunately, my French is more than rusty, but I did manage to say “Welcome to the United States” (a handy little phrase I’ve used over the years.). I also wrote out and gave him some suggested destinations since he mentioned he wanted to see the USA before returning home.

At the end of dinner I also handed him the French “Four Laws.” I pointed out the Paris address on the back.

“This is right near my home!” he exclaimed. He also said his brother would be very interested in the booklet.

Earlier, as soon as Mike and I had walked into EPCOT, two Japanese students walked up to us and asked us to take a picture. Afterwards, I handed them a Japanese “Four Laws.” They were very excited and pleased to get it. The girl was here in the States studying at a Catholic university.

Whenever I get an opportunity to go to any tourist attraction, I take some foreign language “Four Laws” tracts. God made sure I had the right tracts that day!

If you don’t have access to foreign language tracts, you could make a business card or a label for the back of your tracts with links to foreign language sites or to the “Jesus film” in their language.

You can almost guarantee they will be curious enough to check out the innovative and affordable Who is He? Mini-CD if you carry these with you. This little CD-ROM has a Gospel presentation in 27 languages, an entire Bible, and more!

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