Prayer “Only”?

Eduardo and Luz barely speak English. Eduardo can communicate enough to understand the basics, but Luz relies on her native Spanish.

I prayed for them this morning. We have been neighbors for more than a decade, and unlike our other neighbors, we have had very little contact with them. (I made one BIG contact with them when I backed into their car a few years ago!) Hopefully, our limited interactions have left a good impression (and despite the impression I made on their car!)

I thought this morning that prayer is not enough, but right away I remembered that prayer is my most important tool to use in the Harvest. Because only God speaks to people’s hearts, I want to be sure HE is speaking through me.

Prayer may be the ONLY way to reach some people:
• Your favorite athlete, musician, or actor
• A person in the news or a community caught in a tragedy
• The dictator and his officials on the other side of the world
• A village on the backside of nowhere without a single Scripture in their language

Prayer is available to every Christian, young and old. A believer may be recently re-born or a seasoned saint; a Christian may be handicapped or bed-ridden, but she can pray to our limitless God for others.

Prayer is also available anywhere. Anytime. At a moment’s notice.

Eduardo and Luz are Jehovah Witnesses. They host a weekly study group at their home. After praying for them today, I’ve decided to give them a “Jesus” DVD in Spanish.

Prayer for people will probably lead you to do something, too.

More about Eduardo and Luz.

More help for reaching Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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