The Watch

I stopped at a jewelry counter and asked for a watch battery. Sarah’s store did not carry batteries. I pulled out The Passage tract to give to her.

“I’m a Christian,” she said and did something I have never had happen to me before. She asked for my name and my daughter’s name and shook our hands.

I also gave Sarah the Satisfied tract on the Spirit-filled life and suggested she share The Passage tract with someone.

Next, we moved down to the watch kiosk where we found Mirez; Rez for short.

I had given Mirez a tract more than two months before. When I asked if he had read it, he suddenly recognized who I was and enthusiastically explained that he still had it. I tried unsuccessfully to find out what he thought about it. Perhaps he had not read it yet.

Rez found the right watch battery while we chatted.

“How can we pray for you?” I asked Rez as we got ready to leave.

He didn’t know what to say, but mentioned that we were nice to him, so I told him that was because Jesus lived inside of us.

How many people were rude or just ignored Rez that he should remember our even briefer encounter from two months before?!

People are watching and aware of how we treat them. When they clock out at the end of the day, do they remember meeting you?

What do you think?

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