Witnessing to the Extreme

I stood at the foot of a wall of colorful Crocs. A rainbow of foam shoes reached twenty feet high, almost to the ceiling.

“Now, how am I going to be able to try on a pair?” I thought.

Just then, Adam arrived. “May I help you?” he asked.

“I’ve read that Crocs are good for heel pain,” I explained, “and they fit differently than normal shoes.”

“That’s right,” Adam agreed. “Can I get a pair for you to try?”

I pointed to a conservative pearl-colored pair next to the electric-teal-colored ones that I really liked. I mentally pictured Adam ducking into the back room for a pole to reach my shoes, but next thing I knew, he went between the back of the giant shoe rack and the wall behind it and started climbing the rack!

“Well, this shouldn’t surprise me,” I thought, as I looked up at his legs showing through the shoes and then turned to watch young men wakeboarding on an indoor wave behind me. “What else would I expect at an extreme sports store?” I laughed to myself. I was definitely out of my element.

As I tried to decide between two pairs of Crocs, Adam was very helpful and patient while I paced past extreme sports videos and people lining up to ride the wave. Since it took me so long to decide, I had more time to talk with Adam. I gave him the Who is He? mini-CD. (I recommend having these on hand. It’s much more likely that twenty- and thirty-somethings will check out this mini-CD than read a tract.)

As it turned out, Adam was a Christian, so I encouraged him to share the mini-CD with someone and also invited him to The Sower where he can receive weekly encouragement to share his faith.

After I returned to my pacing, a British woman and her young daughter came to try on Crocs. While Adam climbed the back of the rack again, I chatted with the mother a bit.

“Crocs cost thirty pounds back home,” she began. I looked puzzled, so she explained, “That’s sixty dollars.”

I handed her a tract as Adam re-joined us. So, I think God even gave Adam and me a mini-discipleship moment together as Adam watched me finding an opportunity to give a tract to another shopper! This should not have surprised me either since God is the gold-medalist when it comes to extreme witnessing!

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