Majoring in Tattoos

I thanked Matt for being considerate when he asked earlier if I had enough room when I squeezed into the middle seat.

“Are you a student?” I asked.

“No, I’ve just been bummin’ around,” Matt explained. “I want to go to University of Texas, though.”

“What would you major in?”

“Graphic art.”

“What would you like to do with that?” I inquired.

“Tattoos,” Matt answered as he rolled up his sleeve. His left forearm was covered. “I designed this myself.”

We talked more about his plans and what he was doing now. He naturally asked about me and I explained that I worked for Campus Crusade and that is why I asked if he was a student.

He said he wasn’t interested in spiritual things, but we kept talking.

He was fascinated that, with my degree in biology and my sons majoring in physics and engineering, the three of us were all Creationists. He had several questions about evolution that we talked about and then he described a conversation he had with his friends.

“We were sitting around the living room and discussing that people watch TV shows and stuff because they have no meaning in their lives.”

“How sad,” I thought and told him about how meaningful my life was.

Matt took a tract from me and I have tried to connect with him by email. He has not written back. If I owned a set of Soularium cards, I think those would have been the perfect thing to use as we sat together on the plane. I’m going to try to order a set before my next trip.

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