Jenny Makes Second Campus Visit


Yes, our youngest is checking out colleges. Last year, we visited Flagler College. Today, we visited University of Florida. We will be going to visit Florida State in about six weeks.

I took this photo of Jenny in The Swamp (UF’s stadium) with my little camera on my phone.

After the tour, we met Josh and Ben who was visiting from Tallahassee. They took us to a very unique pizza place, Satchel’s. If you go to the restaurant’s web site, you will see the old VW van out front. Two tables are set up inside the van for dining. The decor is unique and eclectic. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind place to eat. I particularly liked the salad. If I go back, I’ll want to try the calzone. Be prepared, however, for long waits and to pay cash.

NOTE (05-13-10): We went to another pizzeria recently, Blue Highway. If you only have one chance to eat pizza in Gainesville, I would go here for incredibly tasty and affordable food. The barbecued chicken pizza was my favorite. The Tioga Town Center location is newer and has a larger menu selection.

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