God Makes the Connections

“Hello. Who’s there? Who is this?” No one spoke when one of our Eastern European staff members answered his phone, but he heard breathing. Since the other person did not say anything, he hung up.

Later, the phone rang two more times. On the third time, a timid voice said, “This is Helena. I’m seventeen years old. I’ve been asking God to help me. I want to know more about God. I decided to call the number that was in my mind and see if God will answer me and help me.”

Then Helena invited Christ into her life over the phone with our staff member, . . . but that is not the end of the story!

Over the next few weeks, Helena’s friend, Alex, called. Then Andrey, Alex’s friend, and also Helena’s father! As God was changing the lives of Helena and her family and friends, others could see the changes and wanted to know more about Jesus.

God also made sure those who were searching found someone who could lead them to Christ.

Read the original real-life story from Eastern Europe.

Used by permission from my friends, Keith and Kay.

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