Open Their Eyes

“Tell them the good news of Christ from a heart of love and a life of service.” ~ John Piper

I am keeping this post short, again, because I know you will enjoy one of the articles from The Sower’s online newspaper. (The newspaper typically changes near the beginning of the month and has a few articles from other web sites and a story from The Sower’s archives.)

In his sermon, “I’m Sending You To Open Their Eyes,” John Piper explains the New Birth and how God wants to use us to reach people with the Gospel, including good, practical advice:

“I say to you what Jesus said to Paul in Acts 26:18: I send you to open their eyes. Don’t stop because you can’t. Of course you can’t. But the fact that you can’t make electricity or create light never stops you from flipping light switches. The fact that you can’t create fire in cylinders never stops you from turning the car key. The fact that you can’t create cell tissue never stops you from eating your meals. So don’t let the fact that you can’t cause the new birth stop you from telling the gospel. That is how people are born again—through the living and abiding word, the good news of Jesus Christ.” Read the entire sermon.

What do you think?

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