The Message in the Writing

“Here’s $5.05 for your $2.02.” I handed the optician my money with a bemused smile.

“And here’s $3.03 for your $5.05,” he replied as he handed me my change.

We were both amused with how the money came out. I was still smiling as I offered him a tract, Would You Like To Know God Personally.

“I already know the Lord,” he said as he handed it back to me. “Please give this to someone else.”

“Here is something for you, then.” I took the tract from him and offered Discovering God in Chinese Characters to him. “This tells how God preserved the message of Genesis in the Chinese language.”

“Thank you!” Keith was intrigued. “My boys love Japanese. I think they will like this!”

When I share my faith, if the person turns out to be a Christian, I still see this as an opportunity to share my faith to encourage or equip another believer. (See related stories on sharing your faith with Christians and another related story: What I keep in my purse)

Also, next time I use this tract, I plan to suggest a search on “Chinese characters” at Answers in Genesis if they would like to read more about the hidden message in ancient Chinese characters.

What do you think?

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