Weekend To Remember Marriage Conferences

We have had the privilege over the years to attend FamilyLife’s Weekend To Remember Conferences several times. Back in 1976, Campus Crusade for Christ started a family ministry, which focused on providing pre-marriage seminars to our staff members. Only two years later, we began offering these weekend conferences to anyone. The ministry has grown to over 150 conferences per year. We encourage couples to go who want to refresh their marriage or to rescue a damaged relationship.

Now Family Life is offering the conference for free to couples who have lost a job through a layoff or dismissal, which obviously could strain their relationship. For families facing unemployment, it is even more important to attend a conference. Please call 1-800-FL-TODAY and FamilyLife will screen you to be qualified for this discount.

Qualifications for the free registration:
1. Each conference has an allotted number of free registrations for families who have experienced a layoff or dismissal, so you need to sign up early.
2. Your job loss must be within the past 6 months and you must still be unemployed.
3. Your hotel stay is at your own expense.

You may actually qualify for other discounts that are available. Check out the registration site.

Have you been to a Weekend To Remember Conference? Leave a comment below so you can encourage others to attend.

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