On Those Disappointing Days

Yesterday was rough. I was very angry several times for different reasons. I could not find what I needed. Some tasks I had planned to do were not working out. By the evening, I felt like the day was wasted.

Today, like most mornings, I started my day journaling and studying the Bible and praying.

As I opened my journal, I saw an asterisk next to my last entry for yesterday morning. (Whenever God seems to be speaking loud and clear to me about something, I put an asterisk next to that journal entry.) Yesterday, I had marked a quote from a footnote in my Bible: “When the unexplainable and unwanted intrude into our lives, we can find comfort in . . . [God’s] sovereignty.”

I suddenly realized I had totally forgotten God’s morning lesson to prepare me for yesterday! This morning, He gently reminded me I had not prayed throughout each setback as they came my way. I had been doing things “on my own” and was very frustrated with the results.

How much better if I had given the day to God. The circumstances may, or may not, have changed, but I would not have been frustrated. The day was His to do as He pleased.

He had a reason for showing me that quote yesterday; He wanted to prepare me for the day that was ahead for me! Sometimes I learn best by looking back and learning from my mistakes, but it would be wiser, I would think, to be prepared for what lies ahead.

What do you think?

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