Kay Yow

Unfortunately, we had not heard of Kay Yow until last month. Coach Yow became a Christian through the friendship of a Campus Crusade staff member. She worked alongside our Athletes in Action ministry for many years.

Kay YowCoach Yow, “ the long time Women’s Coach for North Carolina State University died on January 24th after a 22-year battle with breast cancer. She was actively coaching into the 2007-2008 season. In 34 years, Yow, one of the most successful basketball coaches of all time, guided her teams to more than 700 victories, four Atlantic Coast Conference championships, 20 NCAA tournament bids and one appearance in the Final Four. In addition, she coached the gold-medal-winning U.S.A. Team during the 1988 Olympics.” (Read more…)

Kay Yow videotaped an evangelistic message to be played at her own funeral. She knew that when she left this earth, she had something important that she wanted to communicate to her friends and colleagues. We found a video of her testimony that may have been similar to what she shared.

NOTE: This photo of Kay Yow is attributed to Chuck Liddy / MCT.

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