The Sower by Vincent Van Gogh

Sharing a Feast

The Sower by Vincent Van GoghAfter so much feasting, it was time to get up and stretch. We, and more than 4,000 Christians, were taking a break from three full days of sound Biblical teaching. I was almost feeling spiritually “stuffed” with all the new thoughts I would need to process this next week.

I had browsed briefly in the bookstore and was heading back with the crowds to the conference room for the last two talks when I noticed four custodial workers watching from the side of the hallway, while hundreds, even thousands, of Christians walked past them.

The speaker before the break had read from John 17:3, “’Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.’ Therefore,” our speaker concluded, “we should be helping others to know God.”

With those words on my heart and mind, I turned around and went upstream, against the flow of Christians who were heading back for the talk, “Can We Enjoy Heaven Knowing of Loved Ones in Hell?” I walked up to the group gathered around their dark gray garbage cans. One woman, not seeing me, was already walking away. My heart sank to see her leaving and I was determined to catch the rest of them.

“Hi,” I said, glancing at Fay’s name tag. “I see you are from Jamaica. Thank you for taking care of us. I’m sure we are keeping you very busy.”

Fay smiled at me and I handed her “The Passage” tract.

“This tells you how you can have freedom in Christ,” I continued.

The other two workers were attentive and I started handing out tracts to all of them, with Fay passing another “Passage” tract to the only man in the group. The woman next to me, Zoe, saw that I had the “¿Le gustaría conocera Dios personalmente?” tract (“Would you like to Know God Personally” in Spanish).

“He will want this one,” she smiled and nodded toward her male co-worker. I handed him the Spanish tract and he indicated he wanted to keep “The Passage” tract, too.

Zoe told me that Fay was a Christian, so I offered Fay, “Satisfied,” a tract on the Spirit-filled life, saying, “This booklet is for Christians.”

Fay nodded and helped herself to “Beginning Your Life of Significance.”

“You can share these tracts with someone,” I told Fay. “Jesus is returning soon, you know, and He wants us to tell others about Him.”

I was having such a good time with them, I wonder now if I should have stayed a little longer, asking them questions, instead of rushing off to the next conference session. I thank God, though, that He brought them to my attention and prodded me to go up to them. We all need to be prepared and alert to God’s opportunities. Have tracts or other materials on hand and be willing to let God guide you to those who are waiting to hear His Good News.

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