Painting a Room

I have Mom and Dad Schmitt to thank for teaching me how to paint a room about fifteen years ago. I had never done it, partially because my mom wallpapered the rooms in our house. (What a job up those stairwells!)

So, I asked Josh to help me paint his room this summer.

Two weeks ago, Mike and I picked out a nice blue-green and then Josh and I set to work. He had a bit of a spill that got all over his feet and then just as I was finishing up with the white trim, I lost my balance and SPLAT! My paint splashed on me and on the nearest wall. I found paint flecks eight feet away and on the carpet. It wasn’t too bad to recover from the mess but my rib and shoulder hurt for weeks!

Yesterday, I bought some pretty material and am looking forward to making new curtains some time this fall. (If you know my sewing horror stories, you know I may have some trouble doing this, but hopefully, I learned from the last curtain-sewing adventure.) It’s fun to give this room a facelift despite the setbacks.

What do you think?

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