Ginger Snaps

“Ginger snaps! They’re my favorite cookie!” Isaac exclaimed. “I don’t know, though… If I had to choose between sugar cookies and ginger snaps…”

Edward and Isaac had just started labeling and loading my son’s boxes into their moving van. Since I knew they were coming, I made the cookies the day before and invited them to have some when they were through loading the truck.

When we gathered around my kitchen table, I put some cookies in a Ziploc bag, handing them each a bag, a napkin, and a tract, The Passage.

“This booklet talks about freedom in Christ,” I explained.

“Thank you,” Isaac said. “It’s always good to have uplifting literature to read.”

“I don’t get to church much,” Edward apologized. “I haven’t been home for months.”

“Me, too,” Isaac agreed. “But I’ll be home next week.”

“Your son is moving near my mama’s home,” Edward explained. “I’m going to go see her after I unload.”

We had a short and animated conversation about spiritual things and they left for their next pickup.

Two days later, when they pulled up to my son’s new apartment, they waved and smiled at me.

As they were unloading, Isaac said, “Those cookies were so good. I wish I’d had a dozen of ‘em!”

We had just finished eating dinner, so it was a joy to send them on their way with a warm slice of pizza, a cold bottle of cranberry-pomegranate juice and… some more ginger snaps.

2 thoughts on “Ginger Snaps

    1. Thanks, Judy. I’m glad I thought of making them the day before. God knew how much Isaac loves ginger snaps!

      I feel fairly confident Isaac must have read the tract I gave him.


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