Arts Fest 2011

Central Florida’s week of free arts and culture, Arts Fest, began yesterday. (We enjoyed going to several events last year, so we’re recommending it to you.)

This year, we went online for limited free tickets, as soon as they were available, to attend a concert in the large auditorium at Dr. Joel Hunter’s Northland Church. I went up to Stetson University to pick up Jenn and her friend, Melanie. They were thrilled to dress up and go to the concert.

The German State Philharmonic was led by conductor Philippe Entremont. For one number, two grand pianos were center stage, surrounded by the orchestra. German pianist Sebastian Knauer performed a duet with Mr. Entremont simultaneously conducting and playing the piano. During intermission, Jenn was thrilled to speak in German with Mr. Knauer as she was in line to buy one of the orchestra’s CDs.

Our evening out together included dinner at Panera’s, so we made two college students very happy last night even if it meant Mike didn’t get home until after midnight!

Check out the Arts Fest 2011 schedule if you’re in Orlando this week for some fun things to see and do.

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