Jenn’s Mission Trip to New Orleans

Thank you for praying for Jenn’s first mission trip. She and seventeen other Stetson students spent a week in New Orleans helping Habitat for Humanity.

I won’t write much because Jenn wrote a beautiful thank you letter to the families that helped fund her trip. Instead of putting her text here, I thought you would enjoy reading the original letter. I couldn’t do it justice so just click here to see the letter. (Use the slider under the left bottom corner of the letter to zoom in if you need to.)

The above video is very brief; Jenn has always wanted to play a crystal water glass and she had her opportunity one night in New Orleans. I also have three more videos of her trip if you check out the four uploaded videos on the right side of my YouTube channel. A number of the students are music majors and they joined right in with the street musicians. Another video shows just how fun it can be to build a driveway when “the yard” is a muddy mess.

Also, as I typically do, I made a slide show of her photos, too. Click on the “slide show” icon on the top left.

We hope you enjoy the sights and sounds of Jenn’s trip to New Orleans.

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