Try DeLand for Something to Do

inside an old barber shop in DeLand, Florida
Looking in the window of an old barber shop

DeLand, Florida, is just an hour or less from Orlando or twenty minutes from Daytona Beach and offers a variety of things to do.  Now that Jenn goes to school in DeLand, we’ve been in the area more and have made some great discoveries.  If you’re a tourist visiting Disney or the other attractions, maybe you would find something to break the “tourist mold” on your way to Daytona Beach. There’s something for everyone!  (See the bottom of this post for a link to restaurants, for a blog with updates on events in DeLand and for the Stetson University calendar of events.)

What we recommend personally:

We haven’t made it here, but hope to:

We’ll not try this!

  • Skydiving
  • Cave diving in some of the local springs



NOTE: This post is part of the series of recommended tips for enjoying I-95.

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