Jenn Awarded Four Honors

Even though she was only a second-year student this past year, Jenn had junior standing and was eligible to be nominated into honor societies.  She was nominated to four!

Sus was able to attend the Phi Beta Kappa induction ceremony and took this photo afterward of Jenn talking with a professor and the dean of arts and sciences.

As usual, Jenn was very busy this past year.  She wrote several articles for the school paper and was also president of the German club.  She continued her part-time job as a writing tutor from last year and was a teaching assistant for a German professor in the fall and translated German historical documents for a history professor in the spring.

When we were visiting Jenn last month, she shared with us the great news that she’s been awarded the Sullivan creative writing scholarship for her next two years at Stetson because of the full-length screenplay she wrote for one of her classes.

Jenn’s computer died the next day after her last final.  We think it just gave up!!

Congratulations, Jenn!

NOTE: You can see more photos on this Facebook photo album.

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