Heeding the Shepherd’s Call by Tina

sheep in a pasture

My friend, Tina, had a wonderful opportunity to watch a flock of sheep in the Cotswold area of England. I loved what she learned by watching them.   I highly recommend you take the time to read her thoughts about the sheep and how we respond to our Shepherd.

Excerpt from Heeding the Shepherd’s Call


As I watched this scene play out, I could not help but think of the numerous times in the Bible when sheep are compared to people. I could imagine all these scenarios as Jesus, the Good Shepherd calls out to His sheep. Many run to Him quickly with great abandon; others slowly progress toward him determined to summon the stragglers to come along; others straggle along cautiously, not quite sure what awaits them in the next pasture.; and still others, the shade lovers, are content where they are with little desire to move to any other pasture. It made me consider, which am I?  Read more…

Note: Guest posts are often linked to articles by Campus Crusade for Christ bloggers.

The image of sheep is used by permission from Wikimedia Commons.

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