Redeeming Online Conversations

If you checked the top trends on for several days now, you’d see a LOT of activity on the internet about Manti Te’o and Lance Armstrong.  The conversations usually aren’t edifying; a lot of negative and trashy comments are circulating about Manti Te’o in particular.

I alerted 160+ Cru bloggers a few days ago that it’s a good time to use these trending topics to draw some people to a godly perspective.  I suggested they could post about lies and truth and the sin nature of man or something along those lines.  I’ve read some great posts from them and thought I’d share these blog posts with you Continue reading “Redeeming Online Conversations”

My Thoughts on Turning Sixty

“Make new friends, but keep the old;

One is silver. The other gold.”

~ a Girl Scout campfire song


Today’s the day.

I’d anticipated “the big 6 -0” for at least a year now, but hadn’t really pondered what that meant to me. I hope I can express this in just a few thoughtful paragraphs. Continue reading “My Thoughts on Turning Sixty”