The Antagonist

The Sower by Vincent Van Gogh“My father’s trashed three houses…”

I had just stepped up to the counter when the postal clerk, Mikey, began a long discourse on his family.

“Why is he telling me this?” I thought. I didn’t know where this monologue was going so somehow I found a spot to try to change the conversation.  At the time, our family was waiting to see what would happen with Hurricane Rita while it was still off-shore, so I said, “I believe all the disasters that are happening is because Jesus is coming back soon.”

“You can be a Christian if you don’t kill someone,” he replied.

“Whoa! Where did that come from?” I thought. I made a feeble attempt to take this conversation somewhere.

Mikey then started explaining about separation of church and state. Again, I couldn’t say anything he was interested in hearing.

“I’m moving to Vermont,” he stated.

“You’ll like it there,” I commented, thinking he would be happy to find fewer Christians there than in our Bible Belt state.

“I know who I’m praying for tonight,” I thought. I had no idea why he poured out his family issues and his worldview other than he was a man in need of prayer!  I pray that he’ll still run into Christians wherever he goes who would love him to Christ.


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