Loving Cancer Patients by Pat Hale

Pat and Nancy dancingMy guest author today is Pat, our brother-in-law. Pat, only 52, is going through chemo and radiation for lung cancer. He has seen these daily treatments as an opportunity to focus on the Lord. He enjoys resting in God’s loving presence and sharing his faith in God with the people he meets each day. Pat’s faith has been encouraging to all of us as we read his daily journals on Caring Bridge.

I’ll let Pat speak for himself:

“At chemo this afternoon I saw three people that we really need to pray for.

“I spoke of Rena last week. Her husband (I believe his name is John) was diagnosed with colon cancer two weeks ago and last week as I spoke to her in the waiting room, she was very discouraged as they were still in shock of the news and were still learning of all the options of treatment, etc. She is the one who along with another Christian lady in the waiting room; I was able to share my experience and my encouragement due to my faith in my loving Savior. She saw me getting my treatments today and ran across the room smiling and telling me that their doctors came up with treatment options that they are very confident in!! I told her we have been praying for them and she hugged me and said ‘please Pat, keep praying.’ So please pray for them that they would understand God’s love for them and that they accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

“Soon after she left a woman, maybe 5-10 years younger than me, came and sat in the chair. They were having a hard time with the port that she has only had for three days. She was very distraught with the trouble of this port and was generally very much in despair. Her husband came in soon after and sat next to us. As she began to cry he began to share with me their experience and despair they have had the last two weeks since her diagnosis. She has stage three colon cancer and through tears and sadness on her face she looked at me and said ‘I don’t know how much longer I will live.’ I was able to share right then of the faith I have placed in my Lord and Savior and the peace and comfort He has provided for me and my family through this journey He has us on. I promised them I would pray for them that they would know His love for them and that they would not feel the despair they feel now. Their names are Dean and Pam. Pray that as I look for them every Monday that I would have much more opportunity to share the love of Jesus and their need for Him. As they were leaving they both thanked me for listening to them and for caring enough to share my encouraging faith with them. To Him be all glory and honor!!

“One of the last verses Nancy and I read last night was Psalm 11:7—’For the Lord is righteous; He loves righteousness; the upright will behold His face.’–Can’t wait for that, how about you?!! He loves us so!!

“We remain now and forever in the palm of His hand and HE WILL NOT LET US GO!!”

Also by Pat: Self Pity or Reaching Out to Others

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