Sharing CSU2011 with You

Helping Women Use Technology for Ministry

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement for us as we attended Campus Crusade for Christ’s biennial staff training.  This year, Sus was able to do much more in helping women use technology for ministry.

  • First, with the assistance of eight helpers, more than seventy women gathered for an informal meet-and-greet Sus coordinated for our women authors and bloggers.
  • About two dozen women attended two tabletop discussions on using blogs and social networks for ministry.
  • Sus manned a help desk “phone” on her computer to match 25 mentors with 40 women who wanted help with their computers and phones during the conference.
  • Sus also met one-on-one with about a dozen people to help them individually with their questions.  In this photo, our friends, Ceil and Daryl, who work for Faculty Commons (our ministry to college faculty) had questions about their personal website.

For photos from our time at CSU2011 helping our staff women, see the Meet-and-Greet and Breakout photo albums on Flickr.

Watch Videos from the Conference

You can enjoy a dozen different videos from this year’s U. S. Staff Conference here.  Use your mouse to scroll up and down through the selections.

We highly recommend Francis Chan and David Platt.  Their talks served as bookends to the conference with both men calling us to follow God.  You can also watch Steve Seller’s talk explaining the U. S. ministry’s name change to Cru.

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