Enjoy the Journey on I-95

Have you crawled along the I-95 corridor?  Why not plan some stops, short or long, to break up the drive?  Maybe enjoying the journey instead of just the destination, may add to your travels.

We’ve driven on I-95 from Maine to Miami, so I’ve written different posts about things to see, restaurants, places to stop for a few hours (or longer), and more.  Follow this link for posts about traveling I-95. We hope some of our recommendations would be helpful to you.

Where do you stop for a few hours for a scenic spot or for a meal? What is a great weekend getaway? (We don’t travel north of D.C. very often, so if you have tips going north from D.C. to Maine, please add your tips!)

Photo Albums

Cocoa Beach

The Georgia Coast (including Savannah)

Maine and Boston

St. Augustine (and more, including their wonderful beach)

Vero Beach, FL

Washington, D. C.


(ALL photos are copyrighted by the Schmitt family.)


Charleston, SC

Cocoa Beach, FL


Geinesville, FL

St. Augustine, FL

Washington D.C.


One of the headaches on I-95 is south of Washington, D.C. (We understand this portion of I-95 may become a toll road in two years.)  We discovered Route 1 as an awesome detour after one of the worst snow storms came through.  We enjoyed a beautiful drive on a country road instead of crawling along with backed-up traffic.   Read more.

We frequently detoured around the Brunswick, Georgia, area using Route 17. Hopefully, though, with the last of the new lanes open on that stretch, you won’t need a detour near Brunswick.


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