Multiplying My Blogging Ministry

"Thanks, as always, for your time and commitment to helping others. You are doing that!" ~ Andrea Buczynski, CCC VP, Global LDHR

“You’ve multiplied yourself,” Andrea said.  She was telling me about another staff member, Bob, who began blogging after I had helped Andrea start her blog two weeks before; she then encouraged Bob to consider writing about his leadership tips (see Bob’s blog, Leading with Questions).

Those words struck a chord in me.   In 2009, I began working in Judy Douglass’ office to help women use technology for ministry.  One of my motivations has been to “multiply” myself.  That is, I wanted to help others to learn technology so they could use these tools in ministry.  Since then, I’ve had the privilege of offering training in a variety of new skills to many of our Campus Crusade for Christ staff.

Andrea Buczynski, Campus Crusade’s Vice President for Global Leadership Development, is one of these. (She’s also a Penn State alum, by the way.)  Andrea explained the focus of her work to me as “developing effective leaders who are growing people and building healthy teams.”  In 2010, the Leadership Development and Human Resources office trained 195 teams globally under her leadership.

She had been considering how to minister more effectively and asked me to meet with her.  In our first meeting, she decided that a blog would be one of the tools she’d like to use, so she started AB Reflections.  I also explained how she should link her blog to her Facebook and Twitter accounts.  She wasn’t using Twitter very often, so I explained about a tool called Hootsuite to help her manage the time she would spend on social networks.

When I met with her again last week, she was very enthusiastic about “blogging and tweeting.”  In just the first two months of the blog, she’s had over 2,300 page views from people in 47 countries.  Her statistics indicate she’s reaching between 1,300 to 1,500 people. These are very good numbers for a brand new blog. She was also invited to an “invitation only” leadership group on Twitter and was asked to write a monthly blog post for this group of 9,000 people.  We both agreed that God was helping her reach more people through these internet tools… and in a very short time.

You might enjoy following Andrea’s blog, AB Reflections. She writes about Jesus, living life, and leadership.

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