Fall Migration: Mead Botanical Gardens

Veery by Sheila

I discovered that Mead Botanical Gardens, not far from Rollins College in Winter Park, is a hot spot for fall migrators, especially warblers. I had a great morning about two weeks ago with neighbor and friend, Sheila. We joined an Audobon Society guided walk and saw lots of birds (the last walk they’ll offer for the fall migration is on October 27th).

My new birds to add to my “life list” were the yellow-throated vireo, veery (pictured), and Swainson’s thrush. If you’re a birder in Florida, or planning a trip to Orlando, now’s the time to go birding at this park. If you follow the weather reports, you can find out when the next front will come through, bringing in some more birds.

Here’s a list of all the birds I saw with some links to photos:

The black-and-white warbler, American redstart, and chestnut-sided warbler were also new sightings for me for Florida. I recommend Mead Botanical Gardens as a must-do birding spot in the fall!

(Sheila took the photo of the Veery; my camera isn’t that powerful.)



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