Ben and Family Visit – Oct. 2012

Ben, Bonnie, and Patrick came to visit for four-and-a-half days. Here’s a few highlights.

Good friends of theirs were getting married in St. Petersburg, so we were Patrick’s  babysitters Friday night while they were gone. (Check out our photos!)

On Saturday, family friends dropped by to see them and to play games. What a fun day! We played Kubb, Settlers of Catan:Traders and Barbarians, and Big Taboo.

Sunday afternoon, we all went to Stetson to take Jenn back to school.  We decided on Tony’s New York Pizza for dinner, which was delicions! Afterwards, Jenn gave us a walking tour, stopping at the fountain in the center of campus.  Patrick was fascinated by the splashing and changing colors.

He wiggled his arms and legs for ten minutes as he stared at it, mesmerized! We moved on, but I’m sure he would have watched the fountain for much longer. We just had to share this video that Josh took with his phone:

Monday was Patrick’s four-month birthday. We had a little party the day before while Jenn was still with us. We said goodbye that afternoon, but they’re coming back for a longer visit Thanksgiving week.

Can’t wait!

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