Family Celebrations… May 2013

We’re in the middle of big family events right now. Ben, Bonnie, and Patrick are here for Jenn’s graduation from Stetson. (I have a lot of photos to go through before I post our official announcement of Jenn’s big day. Stay tuned!) Also, we’re celebrating Ben and Bonnie’s second anniversary, our thirty-first anniversary, and Bonnie’s and Ben’s birthdays. Last night, we also had a mini-party for Patrick’s eleven-month birthday since we won’t be with him for his first birthday.

Josh also started his internship at Siemens this week. Jenn will start working next week in the donor department at Cru headquarters.

We’ll have six more days together for our family vacation. It’s been wonderful for all of us to be together: relaxing, playing, and helping Jenn move back home. Of course, we’re all enjoying little Patrick.  He loves to clap his hand and to stand up. He even took two steps last night! You know us… we’ll have lots of photos and stories to share with you. Right now, though, I need to sign off and pack up for our trip to the beach today; Bonnie loves the beach and it’ll be Patrick’s first time.



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