Three Decades Later: Penn State

When church historians write about the events which swept across college campuses in the 70’s, they will talk about the unique movement of God which not only captured the hearts of thousands of students, but also launched hundreds into missions. It was in this spiritual atmosphere we gave our lives to Jesus. While at Penn State, Mike saw how God raised up young laborers for His Harvest which continues more than three decades later.

During Mike’s senior year (1979), nearly 1,000 students were active in Penn State’s Campus Crusade ministry with over 800 in small discipleship groups.  A large number of these committed their lives to impacting the world for Christ.

Last month, one hundred alumni who were a part of this unique work of God, gathered in State College, Pennsylvania, to celebrate what God had done, and is still doing, over thirty years later. What God began at Penn State has had a ripple effect throughout the world. The following men and women from Penn State represent a tiny fraction of those who committed their lives to following Jesus Christ in the 70’s:

  • Andrea B:  V.P. for global leadership development at Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC)
  • Al S: Gospel literature distribution to Muslims in North Africa
  • Bill H: Bridges International ministry of Cru to international students studying in the U.S.
  • Bill M: lecturer at CCC’s Nairobi International School of Theology
  • Dave D: served  with CCC in the Philippines
  • Doug S: serving with Campus Crusade’s FamilyLife Ministry
  • Greg F: founder of the Caleb Project evangelizing unreached people groups
  • Joe S: Mennonite pastor, PA
  • Karl P: Christian college professor of Theology
  • Kevin G: finance manager for a ministry reaching Turks
  • Lisa T: serving with CCC in East Asia and the Middle East
  • Phil: missionary with Greater Europe Mission and teaching at the Theological Seminary in the Netherlands
  • Ray and Gail R: spent 24 years in Egypt with CCC and now involved with JESUS Film distribution to Muslims in North America
  • Rick H: founder of The Art Factory, a ministry to artists in Germany
  • Steve and Rochelle C: after 23 years in Japan, now working in HR at Cru’s world headquarters
  • Tom D: JESUS Film translation, Orlando
  • Tom: professor at Northwestern University, helped start a church and has had a strong ministry in Chicago for many years
  • Wayne O: church planter, Chicago area

Thank you for your part in reaching young men and women from thousands of universities who are committed to the cause of Christ and to turning the world upside down for His kingdom.

4 thoughts on “Three Decades Later: Penn State

  1. Wow, look at all those people who “went forth” – and I bet there’s more you didn’t hear about yet. And people quietly sharing with their neighbors. Very awesome!



    1. Thanks so much, Rini! Yes, we know of another dozen who are friends of friends. We’re sure there’s many more… and like you say, those who share at work and in their neighborhood.


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