Around the World in 80 Hours… Well, Not Quite

Photo of the Western Hemisphere

I just traveled around the world in 80 hours, well actually three days, but 80 hours is 3.33333 days and it made for a catchy post title I thought.

I left early Tuesday morning for a ministry conference near Toronto, Ontario. Let’s see who I met that helped me travel the world. (I often had something with me that I could share about knowing Jesus.)

  • A young woman from JAPAN was in the States for some concerts. I gave her a DVD of the JESUS film in Japanese and a link to the My Last Day JESUS film anime.
  • I got into a wonderful conversation with two CHINESE students from the University of Illinois. I gave them a JESUS film DVD in Chinese and the tract, Discovering God in Chinese Characters.
  • The cab driver who drove us to the conference was originally from JAMAICA. I left The Passage tract with him about freedom in Christ.
  • I stayed with two CANADIAN sisters at a Bed-and-Breakfast. They were POLISH, originally emigrating from GERMANY many decades ago. My hostess accepted the Magdalena JESUS film and thought she could also share it with a friend.
  • I ate dinner with some new friends at a VIETNAMESE restaurant and left a My Last Day card with our waiter, a second-generation CHINESE teen.
  • For lunch on another day, several of us ate at a SALVADORAN restaurant. I left a Spanish tract for the waitresses.
  • I dropped in a store briefly. The woman behind the counter was from INDIA and accepted a Magdalena JESUS film in Urdu, her heart language.
  • The taxi driver who took me back to the airport was SERBIAN. His country, YUGOSLAVIA, doesn’t exist anymore. He also accepted a tract, but I’m not exactly sure how interested he was.
  • At the airport, I chatted with the security guy from ISRAEL, Yosef, and told him about my love for his people and mentioned the blog I’ve written with Jewish people in mind, The Sovereign. I couldn’t grab my business card with the link in time, though.
  • While waiting at O’Hare for that final leg home, I spoke with a young AMERICAN family and also interacted with a POLISH family, giving them a DVD of The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children in Polish.
  • I was in-between two people on that last flight back to Orlando, but they didn’t seem to want to talk.
  • I also talked with people during the conference from ENGLAND, AUSTRALIA, ETHIOPIA, NEW ZEALAND, THE PHILIPPINES, SINGAPORE, HONG KONG, CANADA, and CAMEROON. I met an American staff couple who were serving in Kiev, UKRAINE, who had just moved to HUNGARY and another couple serving in various Asian countries. Other internationals also attended the conference that I didn’t have an opportunity to talk with.

I was back home late on Thursday night. The conference was very good and the opportunities to share my faith were fantastic! I had no idea I would meet so many people from around the world. I expected to at the conference, of course, but not while travelling. For those who prayed for my trip… THANK YOU! It was a blessing!