Sochi: Olympics Report from Athletes in Action

Olympian Ringsred 940Do you love to follow the Olympics? We do. This year we tried watching biathalon events and really enjoyed them. We didn’t know biathalon originated from border patrols in Scandinavian countries. Having a Norwegian heritage, Sus was immediately interested in watching this year (since childhood she’s cheered for Norway and the USA).

Athletes in Action and the Olympics

Campus Crusade for Christ has been involved in ministering at the Olympics for decades through our sub-ministry, Athletes in Action. Read some of their articles about Sochi and the Christian athletes that are there.  I just checked and found articles about:

  • Bobsled – Elana Meyers, Lauryn Williams, and Dallas Robinson
  • Hockey  – Anne Schleper
  • Speedskating – Anna Ringsred and Jilleanne Rookard

In addition, the Jesus Film Media app has eight film clips of faith stories of Winter Olympians. Download it for your smartphone.

Photo source: The photo is of Anna Ringsred from the articles.

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