Jenn and Brian’s Engagement

You already know we had a lot of family news this year… and it’s not over!

This month’s big family news took place on October 2nd when Brian proposed to Jenn at Minnehaha Falls Park in Minneapolis. Jenn was surprised, thinking they were just having a picnic date.

Jenns ring cropFor several weeks before, Brian and Sus emailed back and forth about possible rings. Like Ben and Josh, Jenn wanted her ring to be made by Sus’ brother-in-law, Jenn’s Uncle Cal, a jeweler in San Francisco. Once Brian felt confident about a ring he thought Jenn would like, Cal mounted a blue sapphire for her, similar to Sus’ engagement sapphire from Cal many years ago.

For a grand celebration, and a little bit of humor, Brian and Jenn had a wonderful dinner at The Bachelor Farmer after their engagement picnic lunch by the falls.

Brian, a videographer, is a college buddy of Josh’s. Jenn met him through Josh, of course. Brian also moved to Minnesota this summer in order to be near her. God provided in a wonderful way for him to land a job as the multimedia producer for the medical school of the University of Minnesota (UM). It’s very helpful for them both to be on UM’s campus (for his work and Jenn’s studies) since their rentals are not close. They see each other often on campus.

Thank you so much for praying for their preparations for their wedding next June and for their marriage.


NOTE: Cal’s store is Laurel Street Jewelers in San Carlos, California.

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