Our Trip to See the Total Solar Eclipse

We had a busy summer and saw a lot of family, too. I’ll try to catch up so you can enjoy these special times with us. After reading this post, click on over to scroll through our “Our Great American Eclipse Trip” slideshow to see more photos.

In August, we drove to South Carolina while Ben and Patrick took Amtrak from D.C.  We met them at the station in Florence, SC.

The next day was eclipse day. We decided our place to wait  for the eclipse would be Swan Lake Iris Gardens in Sumter. This was the perfect spot. The weather was clear and we had a new gardens to explore while we waited for the main event.  The photo gallery below shows the progression in the lighting as we approached totality.

This trip was a lot of fun and worth all the effort. We didn’t have traffic or weather issues either driving up or back home the day after the eclipse.  And of course, we had some time with Ben and Patrick.

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3 thoughts on “Our Trip to See the Total Solar Eclipse

  1. My brother Brad joined his cousins, as it went directly over my cousin’s house in Scio Oregon. They saw it from the front lawn of his house that is out in the country . . .John still leads the family with Two eclipses . . .


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