God Is Moving in Mauritius

We’re very encouraged by the reports we’ve heard coming from Cru’s JESUS Film Project.

Training with the JESUS Film App

Staff and volunteers in Mauritius were trained about a year ago how to use the JESUS Film app. The app allows Christians to show films on their smartphones to start conversations about Christ. All 1,515 language translations of the JESUS film are on the app in addition to several pre-evangelistic short films.

About half of Mauritius’ population is Hindu and most of the rest are “traditional Christians” or Muslims. This island nation of 1.3 million is situated in the Indian Ocean, just east of Madagascar.

The Response to the Gospel

School officials were open to having our staff show the film. Each classroom showing saw boys and girls giving their lives to Christ. One day, 37 boys came to Christ. One of these, a 17-year-old drug dealer, was completely changed. As a result, the principal asked to have the film shown in all the boys and girls departments. Soon, the headmaster gave his life to Christ, asking our staff to share with 25 of his colleagues. They all responded to the invitation to come to Christ!

The next day, our staff were invited to present the gospel to an assembly of 700 students. Again, the response was an amazing 100%. The Headmaster asked our staff to return weekly to disciple the whole school.

Before the training, our ministry had a very small presence here. In less than a year, we’ve expanded to five nearby islands!

We hope this encourages you, knowing many people are responsive to God’s Good News. Thank you for ministering with us in reaching the people of every nation.

NOTE: Photo of the Rochester Falls region by Hansueli Krapf [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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