Fearlessly Sharing the Gospel

Fearlessly Sharing the Gospel

Cru has had ministries in Eastern Europe for decades, even before the Iron Curtain fell. Our Cru nationals minister to students, athletes, families, and others.

All that changed two months ago when Russia invaded Ukraine.

Our Eastern European Missionaries

Our Moldavian and Polish Cru missionaries are doing what they can to help refugees and to get supplies into Ukraine. Our Russian staff are heartbroken. They continue their ministries with students despite great economic and political difficulty. Several of our Ukrainian men are ministering to the soldiers. Others drive people to safety and bring supplies in. Ukrainian women make camouflage material. Staff couples are helping clear out and clean up devastated areas. Those who left Ukraine are starting ministries in their new countries.

All Cru missionaries around the world, like us, develop their own ministry partners. Since the war started, Cru has raised central funding for our Eastern European staff. We want to ensure they have their needs met and are free to minister to neighbors, soldiers, refugees, and others.

All Christians’ Calling in God’s Harvest

One of our staff, Amy, shared her thoughts about the inspiring Ukrainian farmers plowing their fields even as rockets fall right next door:

“Once again, God teaches me through the brave men and women of Ukraine. As I considered our work [as Cru missionaries], I thought of us as farmers in the midst of battle.

“How determined are we to prepare the land for the seed of the Gospel, to plant, water, harvest? When the heat of spiritual battle comes to our lands, do we put on the armor of God and go out to the work that God has prepared for us? Are we as dedicated to our harvest of souls as these courageous farmers are to their fields?

“Father, thank you for showing us these bold and devoted farmers so we might be sharing your good news with others. We pray for these farmers’ protection and their harvests. The sowing areas are in danger because of the war. Would you give a crop beyond expectation to Ukraine? And help all of us to labor fearlessly to share the Gospel with others. Amen.”

We’re grateful to Amy for these encouraging thoughts. If you have a Facebook account and would like to pray for Ukrainians, ask Sus to connect you to our private Facebook prayer group. Sus shares prayer requests and stories from these brave Ukrainian staff three or more times per week. We would love to pray with you for these brave and faithful Christian workers.

We hope the Ukrainians inspire you in your work in God’s harvest right where He has planted you. Thank you for helping us be faithful in God’s harvest through your prayers and financial investment.

NOTE: We did not want to endanger any Ukrainians so the photo is a generic harvest photo by Loren King on Unsplash.

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