About MikeandSus.org

Mama Owl

Sus is the blogger, and birdwatcher, in our family, maintaining three blogs. (If you want to check out her blogs and social media presence, visit her online business card.)

Sus posts approximately once  weekly on MikeandSus.org  in one of the following areas:

CCC News is about Campus Crusade for Christ ministry news with inspirational guest posts from CCC staff as well. Sharing with Christy the Vampire is the most popular post by one of our Cru staff guest authors.

Family News is about us, obviously, and our photos.  We like to share our travel tips with you, too, about things to do and see, especially if you’re planning a trip to Florida or want to find some birding hotspots.  For example, over 5,000 have come to our site for ideas when visiting Cocoa Beach.  In fact, our two most popular posts are because of these photos:

Your Walk with God is meant to be a blessing to our readers:

Our Ministry has these topics:

We love photography!

By following this  link you’ll see all our family photos on our website.  Also, we’ve organized our family, nature, travel, and other photo albums on the Our Photography page.

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